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Top Safety Tips For Biking Your Commute In Winter

Top Safety Tips For Biking Your Commute In Winter

While the Met Office has said that New Year’s Day 2022 was, in fact, the hottest on record, you can rest assured that we will be seeing some very wintry conditions over the next few months - which means you need to make sure you take care out there on the roads if you’re an avid cyclist.

This time of year is certainly a wonderful one to be out and about in, when the weather is cold, crisp and bright, but it does also pose certain hazards and risks if you’re on a bike on the road, so knowing how to cycle safely during the winter is an absolute must.

First of all, you need to think about your kit. Gloves are essential, as are thick wool socks, so you know your hands and feet will be well protected from the cold. Layering is also key when it comes to cycling in the cold, so you can easily remove layers or put them back on depending on your body temperature.

Winter bike tights are a great option as they have windproofing on the front, while the back serves as a ventilation system. A softshell jacket can also help regulate your temperature as you ride.

Also make sure that you have reflective clothing on and ensure that your lights are charged, since the days are shorter in winter and you may find yourself caught out in failing light if you’re not careful.

In terms of actual cycling, if it’s icy out there and you find yourself hitting some rough riding conditions, make sure you maintain loose elbow and hip joints while cycling, instead of stiffening up. Do your best not to overcorrect if you do feel yourself starting to slip around - although, of course, this can be easier said than done!

Do you have any hints or tips that could help make cycling in winter easier and safer? Get in touch to let us know! And if you’re looking for a bike conversion kit right now, check out what we have in stock today.