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Tips For Choosing The Right eBike

Tips For Choosing The Right eBike

If you are thinking of buying an electric bike, you will no doubt already be aware of the advantages. The battery-powered motor of an e-bike kicks in as you pedal, taking the hard work out of cycling, especially in hilly areas. You can get around quickly, without the hassle of obtaining a licence and paying out for tax and road insurance.

If you are making your first purchase of an e-bike, you will probably have a few questions on your mind. Here are some points to consider.


Battery size

The size of the battery depends on the journey range you need for each charge. It may be tempting to simply go for the biggest battery size you can afford, but remember that will make the bike heavier. If the purpose of your bike is a commute to work or round town, then a lower-wattage battery may be a better option.


Is the battery replaceable?

Also, check out if the battery is replaceable, as batteries inevitably degrade over time, and it may need replacing after a few years, especially if you use the bike on a daily basis. It is worth investing in a good quality bike, which is designed for long-term use with replaceable batteries, rather than a cheaper model which may have a short life span.


Power assistance levels

Some E-bikes have variable power assistance levels, which may be useful if you are getting used to cycling for the first time, or have a long break, or just need a bit more assistance on slopes.


Bike weight

If you will need to lift the bike a lot, for example, onto a car roof rack or to the upper floors of an apartment, a bike with a light slimline frame will be an advantage. A great lightweight choice is the Whippet e-bike. For more information, please visit our website today.