What is NoPuttPutt?

NoPuttPut is an electric motor propulsion kit designed to converted a narrowboat or widebeam from diesel to solar powered battery electric

Makes the most effective use of the available solar energy using LiFePO4 batteries and a brushless motor

NoPuttPutt can also be used to power some or all of the appliances on your boat if required.

The cost of diesel is rising sharply and it looks like high fuel costs are here to stay. Sunlight, by contrast, is free!

The trend of environmental legislation strongly suggests that in future diesel motors will be prohibited on inland waterways.

Noputtputt brings the propulsion of narrowboats using solar power simply and affordably within reach by taking advantage of recent developments in solar power systems and batteries

Easy to fit

NoPuttPutt has been designed to be simple to fit with modular components

If you want to fit it yourself we will visit you before you start and use our experience to run through the best way to proceed to suit your boat (There is no charge for this, but a cuppa will be expected!)

We provide a complete installation service if required

NoPuttPutt - affordable solar propulsion

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