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5 E-Bike Myths Busted

5 E-Bike Myths Busted

E-bikes are growing in popularity in the UK, as cyclists realise the benefits of power assisted pedalling. However, there are some common misconceptions about e-bikes, and some cyclists view them with suspicion. Here are five myths and rumours that you may have heard, and why they are wrong!


They run out of power quickly

Some cyclists claim that the battery power runs out too soon. However, the range of an e-bike battery varies between 20 miles to over 80 miles. For longer trips, they can be re-charged with a standard socket, so even if you have a very long commute to work, you can recharge the battery in the office.   

Most e-bikes allow you to vary the level of power you require, and have displays so you can monitor the battery levels.


They are heavy

Some of the earlier models were a little clunky, but there are many modern e-bikes available with light streamlined frames, that are easy to lift and carry. Just as with other bikes, they come in all shapes and sizes to suit the type of terrain you want to ride over.


They don’t give you proper exercise

E-bikes are for people who hate exercise right? Wrong! The assistance is available when you need it, but you still have to put in the work with the pedals. If you need to scoot to work ASAP, turn up the power, but you can also put it on a low setting, or turn it off, if you want a more challenging ride.


You can’t ride them in the rain

E-bikes can be operated perfectly safely in wet weather. Obviously you need to take all the precautions you normally would, such as using lights and wearing hi-vis clothing.


They are complicated

Modern e-bikes are user-friendly and well designed. If you buy one from a reputable manufacturer, you should have no difficulty operating it.


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