If you make bikes, now you can make eBikes...

The Revolutionworks RW250 powertrain consists of a hub motor, motor controller, with integral pedal assist sensor (PAS), rechargeable battery, and a handlebar control and display. RW250 can be easily fitted to your bike design to produce an ebike with excellent power characteristics. The RW250 powertrain complies with UK/EU requirements for electric pedal-assisted cycles (EPACs). It will provide electric assist up to 15.5mph as long as the rider keeps pedalling. Pedal assist can be on for the whole trip or switched off at any time, or one of three power levels can be selected on the handlebar control. The handlebar display shows the state of battery charge and which power level is selected. The RW250 is engineered in the United Kingdom.

Hub Motor


  • Power: 250 Watts.
  • Quiet, pre-wired, fully enclosed.
  • Average power consumption: 8Wh/km for a typical journey.
  • Motor: High efficiency brushless direct current (BLDC) sensorless motor.
  • Body: Manufactured from high quality aluminium alloy with an anodised finish for long lasting and reliable operation.
  • Weight: 2.3 kg.
  • Peak efficiency: 91%.
  • Brake Type: Disc or rim brake options available.


  • State of the art electronics using high specification components throughout to ensure reliable and efficient operation.
  • Designed and developed from first principles to give optimised operation. The controller uses full sine wave commutation to achieve virtually no motor noise.
  • Ultra fast response rate of the motor controller enables full control of the drive system.
  • Pre-programmed electronics for simple installation & intuitive control.


  • 24V, 200Wh rechargeable Li-on batteries with high quality cells to provide excellent performance and long life. Other size batteries can be supplied upon request.
  • A 2 Amp charger supplied to charge the battery from mains supply. Charging time is two hours to 80%.
  • Battery is provided with a lockable carrier which can be fixed to the bicycle frame via threaded holes e.g. bottle holder mounts.
  • Lightweight, 1.3kg.

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