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Revos will it fit my bike

To check if Revos will fit on your bike simply check the following:

        1. See if a 5cm x 5cm (2in x 2in) square can be placed in the space between the rear wheel and the seat tube without touching the rear wheel or the seat stay. You can do this by measurement or by placing something the right size onto the back of the seat tube, say a piece of wood or a square of cardboard.
        2. That the seat tube diameter is a maximum 3.5cm.
        3. That the tyre width is 5.0cm (2 in) or less.
        4. That the the frame has two threaded holes for fitting a bottle holders to. This will be used to fix the battery carrier to the frame (although other methods are possible if the frame doesn't have these threaded holes. Please contact us)
        5. That the battery in its carrier will fit in the bike frame.The battery carrier is 330mm long overall and 85mm wide at its widest part at the base. The battery itself is 60mm in diameter and 270mm long.
        6. To fit our standard pedal assist sensor disc there has to be a gap between the back of the pedal crank arm and the frame of the bike. Most bikes have this, but some don't! If your bike doesn't then just let us know when you order your Revos and we will include one that will fit your bike, we call it the Lollipop sensor disc. If you don't discover this until you are trying to fit the kit then don't worry, get in contact and we'll drop a Lollipop in the post to you. Sorted! You can see the Lollipop here: Lollipop Sensor Disc