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Revos can also be fitted to the older type of step through (also known as a ladies’ or open) bike frame. Among the less common bike types that a Revos can’t be fitted to are full suspension bikes and collapsible bikes.

Revos works with all bikes which have a free wheel. That is derailleur geared bikes or those with hub gears. It won’t work with a fixed wheel bike without any free wheel.

Revos will work with any size of wheel but is designed to be most effective with the most common sizes from 26”- 29” diameter and the equivalent metric sizes.

Revos works with any normal width of tyre from ¾ inch - 2 inch (19mm - 50mm). The tyre tread needs to be continuous, or almost so, down the centre of the tyre. So road bike tyres are fine, as are commuter/city tyres or slick tyres. Knobbly off road tyres usually found on mountain bikes (MTBs) don’t really work very well with Revos, but hey next time you change your tyres you know what to do!