Revos | Let your bike be your ebike too

"One of the most impressive e-bike conversion kits I’ve seen to date"

Still the bike you love

Keep all the things you love about your bike, its' lightness, good handling, tyres you like, basket on the front. Revos makes it easier to pedal and more fun to ride. 

Light as a feather

Revos is really lightweight at between 2.1 - 2.7kg (4.6 - 5.9lbs) depending upon which of the two battery sizes you choose. Your bike is still easy to cycle and light to move when you're pushing it around. 

Planet friendly

With Revos you will use your bike more and your car less. That's good for you and good for the environment. Revos is also a sustainable solution with no part of the existing bike thrown away to transform it into an ebike.

Simple to fit

Revos can be fitted in under 20 minutes, with no need to swap out wheels or take off crank arms. Just start pedalling and you've got powerful pedal assist up to 15.5mph (25kph)

  • Revos | direct electric assist

    Designed and assembled in Bristol, UK, this is version Revos 3 which benefits from:

    - Improved motor efficiency which leads to longer range and cool running.

    - Full three phase sinusoidal motor control leading to very quiet motor operation.

    - Ultra low resistance when the legal maximum of 15.5mph pedal assist speed is reached to improve the cycling experience.

    - Improved sensor light diagnostic light signals allowing the cyclist to confirm that the installation has been carried out correctly.

    - Drive roller with longer lasting RevoGrip composite coating to ensure effective power transfer in all weather conditions. 

  • Revos | simple controls

    Revos is activated by a Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) - to give you immediate power as soon as you move the pedals.

    Super intuitive to use - start pedalling and Revos will assist you up to 15.5mph (25kph). If you stop pedalling the assistance stops instantly. 

    You can keep the assist on for your whole trip if you want to. To switch off pedal assist just back pedal half a turn. You might like to do this if you are pedalling on a flat road or down a hill. To switch the pedal assist back on again, for instance on approaching a hill, simply back pedal a half turn, and the pedal assist is back on again.

    The Pedal Assist  Sensor can be quickly fitted to your bike, without removing the crank arm, regardless of the type of crank fitting that you have.

  • Revos | choice of batteries

    Two batteries are available with Revos. A 100Wh battery for shorter everyday trips and a 200Wh one for longer trips. How far will Revos take you? Well that depends on how hard you pedal, how much you weigh, how many hills you climb, whether there’s a head wind, what type of tyres you have, that type of thing.

    In practice we've found that if you use electric assist all the time then for urban trips in hilly Bristol the 100Wh battery lasts for about 12.5 miles (20 km) and the 200Wh battery for about 25 miles (40 km).

    Don’t forget that you’re still riding your favourite bike, so actually you can forget about range anxiety, you just have to keep pedalling!

    revos ebike kit battery two sizes available
  • Revos | quick battery charging

    Using a normal socket the time taken to charge the smaller battery to 80% capacity will be about an hour and for the larger battery 2 hours, allowing you to charge up quite easily between trips.

    Power leads will be shipped to suit your country. (UK shown)

    revos ebike battery charger

Revos 3 | Initial Set Up Video

It's really easy to fit your Revos. Watch the video to find out how to do it.

Revos | People try Revos in Bristol

Cyclists try out Revos in Bristol


"The drive unit showed no difficulty, slippage or strain when tackling some of Bristol’s steepest climbs. This has to be one of the most impressive e-bike conversion kits I’ve seen to date."

“Thanks so much for creating Revos! I mounted it on my old bike from the 70s and oh boy is it cool! Setup was quick and everything seems to work very nicely.”

"I received the package yesterday, installed it within 15min, and it works great! Congratulation to your great product. All parts look and feel high quality, are really super fast and super easy to install and its great fun to use. I certainly will recommend it to my friends."

I am really enjoying my Revos a lot. Bristol is a city of hills and having a Revos to give me an added boost is making me get out on my bike more. For instance, I always used to cycle to the theatre and concerts - both at the bottom of hills in the centre of town. I had stopped using my bike for going to these at night but now, having the extra boost, I am using my bike again. I use it for shopping and generally getting about too. It is a really good feeling to be using my own bike rather than buying a new fully electric one. The after sales care has been great too! 

"Today I installed the kit. Great experience. I love it, driving with my bicycle and the power of the motor. I' m really happy! I hope I may say this. Let me say, that what are you doing is really a great job. Now I can use my bike for going to work. Hills really will be history. And all this with my beloved old bicycle! Thank you for your great ideas, visions and just doing it."


- Avoid getting too hot on the journey to work

- Always there to help with the hills and no more parking concerns.

- A great regular way to keep fit, whilst reducing exhaust emissions.

Revos  ebike kit commuter cyclist York Terrace Bristol

Leisure Cyclist

 - Take longer journeys and experience new places

- Enjoy your love of cycling for as long as you can. Revos lets you keep up whatever your ability or age.

- Get back in the saddle and improve your fitness after injury

revos ebike kit leisure cyclists clifton down bristol

Cycle to Work Scheme

Cycle to work is a UK government backed initiative that allows you to spread the cost of cycling accessories including Revos, directly from your salary, usually over a 12-month period. In addition you also save up to 42% on the cost too!

Your employer purchases your chosen equipment for you, and you pay this back from your gross salary. By having payments taken from your gross salary, you pay less tax and national insurance.

You can just buy a Revos to fit a bike that you have, you don't have to buy a bike as well!


Revos ebike kits are available in a choice of two battery sizes. You can also purchase the batteries or battery chargers on their on their own if you would like a spare one. Free shipping to the UK & EU.