Revos | Let your bike be your ebike too

  • Revos | direct electric assist

    The revolutionary Revos drive unit, with a patent pending, efficiently provides electric power assistance up to 15.5mph (25kph) getting you up hills much more easily and taking you further for less effort. The rated power output of Revos is 250W.

    The drive roller has silicon carbide coating which keys into a treaded or smooth road tyre and rotates with it to ensure effective power transfer in all weather conditions. The motor controller's traction control modulates the power transmission to the tyre to ensure that power is transmitted effectively and eliminate slipping.

    The drive unit is made from precision CNC machined high quality 6082 T6 aluminium alloy to ensure reliable, long term durability. The motor and controller electronics have been designed and assembled in Bristol, UK.

  • Revos | simple controls

    Revos is activated by a Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) - to give you quick power as soon as you move the pedals without delay.

    Super intuitive to use - start pedalling and Revos will assist you up to 15.5mph (25kph) as long as you keep pedalling. If you stop pedalling the assistance stops instantly. 

    You can keep the assist on for your whole trip if you want to. To switch off the pedal assist at any time then just back pedal half a turn. You might like to do this if you are pedalling on a flat road or down a hill. To switch the assistance back on again, for instance on approaching a hill, simply back pedal a half turn.

  • Revos | choice of batteries

    Two batteries are available with Revos. A 100Wh battery for shorter everyday trips and a 200Wh one for longer trips. How far will Revos take you? Well that depends on how hard you pedal, how much you weigh, how many hills you climb, whether there’s a head wind, what type of tyres you have, that type of thing.

    In practice we've found that if you use electric assist all the time then for urban trips in hilly Bristol the 100Wh battery lasts for about 12.5 miles (20 km) and the 200Wh battery for about 25 miles (40 km).

    Don’t forget that you’re still riding your favourite bike, so actually you can forget about range anxiety, you just have to keep pedalling!

    revos battery sizes
  • Revos | quick battery charging

    Using a normal socket the time taken to charge the smaller battery to 80% capacity will be about an hour and for the larger battery 2 hours, allowing you to charge up quite easily between trips.

    Power leads will be shipped to suit your country. (UK shown)

Revos | for anyone who rides a bike

You might like to Revos to work and not get too hot, get a boost up that hill, or just take less time on the commute. You can Revos quickly into town and back without the trouble of sitting in traffic or finding a parking space.

If you’re a courier or delivery cyclist you can extend your working day with Revos.

Of course you can simply go for a ride for fun in the evenings or weekend. 

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  • It's still the bike you love

    You get to keep all the things you love about your bike, it's lightness, good handling, the tyres you like, basket on the front. On top of that, Revos makes it easier to pedal and more fun to ride. If you sometimes don’t want to use Revos but just want to pedal your bike on its own, then you can do that too.

  • Light as a feather

    Well OK a little bit more, but still pretty light at between 2 - 2.5 Kg (4.4lbs - 5.5lbs) depending on the battery size you choose. That means that your bike is still easy to cycle as well as light to move when you're pushing it around.

    If you're short on storage space now you can have a bike and an ebike all in one.

Revos | will it fit my bike ?

To check if Revos will fit on your bike simply see if a 5cm x 5cm (2in x 2in) square can be placed in the space between the rear wheel and the seat tube (maximum diameter 35mm) without touching the rear wheel or the seat stay.

You can do this by measurement or by placing something the right size onto the back of the seat tube, say a piece of wood or a square of cardboard.

Planet friendly

Electrically powered bikes (ebikes) encourage people to travel by bike and use their cars less. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the pollution traffic produces which so seriously affects the health of city dwellers.

Fits most bikes

The one with a the diamond frame, made up of two triangles, found in great numbers everywhere. That is, commuter bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, urban bikes.

Stay healthy

Ebikes tend to make people healthier, as physical activity of course supports fitness. Revos promotes easy movement around town encouraging people to cycle rather than drive.

Revos | initial set up

It's really easy to fit your Revos. Watch the video to find out how to do it.


"The drive unit showed no difficulty, slippage or strain when tackling some of Bristol’s steepest climbs. This has to be one of the most impressive e-bike conversion kits I’ve seen to date."